Common mistakes that can make you regain weight

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Here is why you are regaining weight

Dropping weight is certainly a tough task, but it is even more difficult to maintain your weight after getting into the perfect shape. A majority of people lose weight and then end up gaining it all back soon. Here are some common mistakes people make that leads them to regain their lost weight.

The amount of food you are eating

If you have started to consume the same amount of food as you used to earlier before losing weight then it will, of course, cause weight gain. You do not need so many calories as you consumed earlier because now you have achieved a leaner body.

If you are off your diet

All the effort you have put into losing your extra kilos will go in vain if you abruptly give up on your diet or workout routine after reaching your desired shape. In order to maintain your body weight, stick to your diet and workout routine. Try to make small changes in your lifestyle.

You get too indulgent

When you were dieting, you were too careful about the food you had, but after reaching your weight loss goal, have you started indulging in food again? An extra slice of cake or an extra bottle of beer might seem like a small deal to you, but over a period of time it can add up and you will see the numbers go up.

Following a restrictive diet

If you were too restrictive while trying to lose weight and kept carbs completely away from your diet routine, then it might cause harm later. Following an extremely strict diet can lead to nutritional imbalance and when you will start having carbs back it might lead to weight gain. When you eliminate carbs, your body will draw upon stored carbs and when you start eating it again, your system will react to the sudden influx, which will lead to weight gain.

Sleep deprivation

Sleeplessness and obesity are linked to each other. It is important to have a sound sleep if you want to lose weight and keep the kilos away forever. Sleep deprivation can lead to stress and increase cortisol levels due to which you are more likely to make unhealthier food choices.

You are not keeping count of the food you are eating

You can gain back the weight you have lost if you are not keeping track of the food you are consuming. If you have stopped keeping a record of the food you eat then you might lose track of the daily calorie intake and end up eating more food.

Your workout is not working

If you stay committed to one workout routine and do not change it on a regular basis then your body plateaus. Trying new exercise and workout is a way to challenge your body. So if you think you are following a particular workout from a long time then it is time to add something new to it.

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